Liang guo jian/Kenbo

Liang Guojian, a native born in Foshan Sanshui, China during the decade of Cultural Revolution. The education Liang received was a typical heritage of traditional Chinese family. In his childhood he took training in Chinese painting. Starting with his basic training of brush-and-ink and the space conception in composition, and through the process of his learning of Mustard Seed Garden manual of Chinese painting during early days, and the ink experiment practice nowadays, Liang Guojian not only has been inheriting the precious Chinese humanistic thought and Philosophy, but also creatively using the element of fire in Chinese ink painting, which brought the painting a new life by burning it and reinforcing each other.

Liang was called Uncle Jian which means an old talking ancient literary jargon for he was fascinated with traditional Chinese literature and being initiative thinking. Starting in 2006, Liang Guojian entered the international sound art circle and began his avant-garde experiment on ink, image, and installation to explore and establish a set of unique ink painting language, which combines both the spirit of freedom and the essence of tradition. Over the years, Liang Guojian disdained the utilitarian, and contacted continuously with artists and the international organizations from all over the world in the name of an independent artist to inspire and promote local contemporary art development in Foshan

In 2008, Liang Guojian started his Rice Project which focus on social cultural education. The rice-like voice installation from Rice Project won the 2011 China Redstar Design Award prize. In a time flooded with culture industry, there were various art forms coming out of the art greenhouse to market for profit. But, Liang Guojian proposed a New Confucian doctrine, the Moss from Nature. In 2010, the Moss from Nature was publicized in an international art project in forms of poetry, painting, music and dance.


梁国健(Liang Guojian)